#60 Triple Clown Berry Red

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#60 is SUPER Bright and UV Charged !! ( one of the brightest beads you can find )

Berry Red Base Color , Hand Mottled with Florescent Pink, Orange  White!!
Very Fishy looking beads.
Available from 8-19mm
Color #60

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This color is SUPER Bright and UV Charged !!

Berry Red Bead, Hand Mottled with Fluorescent Pink, Orange & White

Color #60

Also see Berry Red Mottled with Pink & White  #59

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8mm ( 32 Beads Per Pack ), 10mm ( 24 Beads Per Pack ), 12mm ( 15 Beads Per Pack ), 14mm ( 12 Beads Per Pack ), 16mm ( 8 Beads Per Pack ), 19mm ( 6 Beads Per Pack )

1 review for #60 Triple Clown Berry Red

  1. Sam

    I’ve been using mottled red for a little bit now but this colour seems too work a bit better and the pack has a lot of beads in it!

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